Vince Vargas: REDEFINED

03 May 2018

Promise to a friend

Damn, man it’s great to see you again… I was hoping the last time we talked wasn’t the way it was going to end… I have so much to say and not sure how long I have to say it,... Read More
16 April 2018

There is no Competition

Competition…There is none… I don’t live in the space thinking I am competing with other entertainers.. I am always only competing with myself.  If you are worried about other people’s advancements then you have given yourself barriers.  I have insecurities... Read More
13 March 2018

Let it Ride

For so long, I stayed away from riding. My earliest memories of a motorcycle were small flashes of images; I can’t quite tell you who was on the motorcycle – or if it was my father or godfather riding –... Read More
28 February 2018


“Because in 40 years whether anyone remembers me, I hope that I can be a casual effect that changes the course of history. If only for a single human.” – Vincent Vargas Why? It’s a question people ask me all the... Read More