03 August 2018

Change it…

I wasn’t always this guy. I wasn’t anyone the world would even think twice to look at or even follow. I can almost pin point the exact moments I turned an idea into my new life motto. In Kentucky I... Read More
26 July 2018

Nothing Special

By Vincent Vargas I get nervous sometimes that I’ll be a role model to others. Even that sentence makes me feel like an asshole. I just don’t want to let anyone down. But despite that fear, I have come to... Read More
03 May 2018

Promise to a friend

Damn, man it’s great to see you again… I was hoping the last time we talked wasn’t the way it was going to end… I have so much to say and not sure how long I have to say it,... Read More
16 April 2018

There is no Competition

Competition…There is none… I don’t live in the space thinking I am competing with other entertainers.. I am always only competing with myself.  If you are worried about other people’s advancements then you have given yourself barriers.  I have insecurities... Read More