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Step into my world and join me on an adventure that weaves through the fabric of life from my perspective. My blog is a vessel for thoughts and tales, a space where I chart the course of my experiences and reflections. It’s not just a collection of posts; it’s a living, breathing journal where I translate the pulse of my daily life into words that resonate and connect. So come along, dive into the cascade of my musings, and let’s navigate the ebb and flow of existence together.

23 October 2022

Veteran Representation in film

I want to talk about Veteran Representation in the film industry. Scene: A Veteran struggles with PTSD; he’s drinking whiskey, staring at an old deployment photo, and then he commits suicide, or he holds a gun to his head and cuts to black with an audible “bang” in the blackness… The portrayal of Veterans in... Read More
11 November 2021

901 Days

901 Days Based on the sobriety app on my phone, it’s been 901 days since I have had a drink. I sometimes feel like a fraud because I don’t know if I would have been considered an alcoholic . I enjoyed my alcohol. I never thought is was an issue. I never thought I was... Read More
24 September 2021


Hey….Kiddo, You and about 80% of the kids in that College are going through a very similar mind space. Why College, and what the hell do I want to become in the future. Here’s what I can tell you. You are not alone. I am sure you look at your dad and think, “How does... Read More
07 July 2020

PSYOP and Information Operations in the Media

All of us are guilty of reading a news headline that comes across our social media feed and accepting it as the truth.  Many times, we voice our opinions without ever reading the story, or digging deeper to uncover the facts.  Whatever happened to “Question Authority”, or “Don’t believe everything you read as the truth?”... Read More
27 December 2019

The Chase

“The clowns will get attention, yes. But when their show ends its done. No one cares about them when the paint is washed off.” The chase… At times it was the only motivation, it was the only thing driving me. When will I become famous and when will the world know my name? But what... Read More
19 November 2019

Leadership = Love

An excerpt from an up coming book I am currently writing: I love you, I care about you, I want to see you succeed further then I ever have, so one day you will take over my position. This isn’t some thing that would normally be said in the work place, more likely in a... Read More
02 September 2019

An Actors Confession

On the Job Training…. During the first pilot of Mayans MC, I was just excited to be a part of it. No matter how many episodes I got, I was just honored to be a part of the team. I was the new guy on set and I can admit I felt that I was... Read More
20 August 2018

So you want to be an Actor…

“Acting is behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances.” -Sanford Meisner I have been getting tons of questions from veterans interested in getting into acting. I don’t feel my path to acting is easy for replication but in this article I will give some of the best information I was able to pull from the wealth of... Read More
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